Unicorn Themed Baby Shower

Unicorn Themed Baby Shower

Unicorn themed parties are a big trend this year! They’re loved by old and young, so why not have a unicorn themed baby shower?

The Sweet Side: Let’s talk dessert! Have you seen the adorable designs out there? Tower cakes with rainbows and flowers available in a variety of colors and flavors to please any guest. Add brightly decorated cookies, a unicorn pinata, and puffy cotton candy in a rainbow of colors and you have yourself a feast for the eyes and the palette!

Savory Sensations: For the savory side of things, think a round vegetable pizza with the veggies arranged as a rainbow in circle bands around the pie. Each slice will be a rainbow for the eyes and the taste buds. How about rainbow sushi with colored rice? Such a fun idea!

Magical Decor:

  1. Bring your party to a new level with this Unicorn Balloon Arch and Garland Kit. This décor product might be the most impressive bling at your party! It comes with 148 pieces, including latex rainbow-colored balloons and sizes, a unicorn foil balloon, ribbons, and other tools to help you make the perfect balloon garland.  This kit is ideal for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.
  1. Invitation cards are a must for any party. These adorable unicorn invitations are perfect for your shower! This pack comes with Diaper raffle tickets and baby book request cards so you can add books to your baby’s bookshelf.
  1. You don’t have to hire a professional party planner for the perfect unicorn themed party. You can do everything by yourself. All you need is a plan and the right products. These Magical Unicorn DIY wrappers are perfect for you if you want to stay within a budget and you want everything to be just right. You can use these wrappers on water bottles, candy bars, snack bars, treat containers, napkins, cutlery, and even gifts. These wrappers are a perfect party supply to reflect your baby shower theme.

Unicorn themed baby showers are yet another magical idea to create amazing memories for you and your family.