5 Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

5 Long Distance Gender Reveal Ideas

Even before Coronavirus entered our lives, we had to consider how we would handle a reveal party when we live great distances from our loved ones. Yes, we want to participate in the fun of a reveal party and yes, we want our friends and family to take part. If you’ve been wondering how to include those from out of town, here are some ideas to consider.

1.      The cooler weather is setting in so why not send grandma a bath bomb that reveals the gender as the bath bomb fizzes? Our only concern is, she might call from the tub in her excitement. So, just ask her to wear a swimsuit for that particular bath. For Grandpa, what is better than an exploding golf ball? Both will love that you included them in your plans. Cute ideas, right?

2.      This might be one of the cutest products we’ve seen for a gender reveal through the mail. Waddle it be is a personalized duck that the recipient puts in warm water to see what the baby is going to be. The warm water causes the bottom of the duck to fizz and the water turns either pink or blue. This is a fun one for the whole family!

3.      Who doesn’t love a scratch off game? What about a scratch off baby reveal that is absolutely adorable? The Whimsical Owls scratch off comes with 25 cards to a packet, making this an extremely economical reveal to mail out…especially for the couple who has a lot of family and friends to include.

4.      A special gift for the soon to be grandparents might be in order. This frame is perfect for a long-distance gender reveal. Add a picture of your little’s sonogram and you have the perfect gift. This frame comes in black, brown, natural, or white and hangs or sits on a shelf. Add a personalized card that might say, “Meet your granddaughter, Lilly Rose.” This will melt their hearts!

5.      Cake pops are another fun way to spread the news! Cake pops sent through priority mail will stay fresh enough for family and friends to enjoy while learning if you’re having a boy or a girl. When they take that first bite. Another idea is, have a bakery local to each recipient deliver the cake pops…or cookies to your family members. This will ensure the treats are edible. This method of delivery is especially useful if you have a limited number of households to mail reveal packages to.