Fall Essentials: Baby Edition

Fall Essentials: Baby Edition

Cooler weather is approaching. I know, hard to believe after the heat of this summer but it’s on the way. Honestly. Anyone but us think fall clothes and accessories for babies are the cutest things ever? Earth tones. Plaids. Matching layers. Miniature jean jackets. Boots. Did we mention little, tiny, adorable boots? Okay, I could write a book on this subject, so I better just get to the point. Here are my faves!

1.      This thermal set is perfect to keep your little one warm as cooler weather approaches. Made of Merino wool, this two-piece set serves as a buffering layer under your baby’s clothing. Retaining their natural body heat enables you to take them outdoors as the weather turns brisk. Once you get home, it’s comfortable enough to allow them to lounge in by itself. This set is available in several colors. 

2.  Seriously, do they make these for adults? I want one! Some kids have all the luck! XMWEALTHY’s Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket is perfect as a stroller wrap on those chilly walks, an afternoon nap on a blustery, windy day, or a blanket to lie on for play time. This soft, comfortable swaddle blanket comes in a variety of colors, features beautiful wooden buttons, a hood, and is sized for babies 0-6 months.

3.      As the sun begins to set earlier and earlier, you’ll have a tough time changing night diapers without turning on a lamp. This light up diaper caddy is a game changer. Those middle of the night changes can be quick without any additional stimulation to keep you and your little one awake.

4.      With cooler weather, flu bugs often get passed around. The VAVA Smart Baby Thermometer is an under the armpit thermometer rather than in the mouth or the butt (feeling a little regret this didn’t come out sooner?). This makes taking temperatures much easier when dealing with a little one who doesn’t feel well. The fever tracking feature will sound an alarm if baby’s temperature rises, which helps you worry less and get more sleep!

5.      Cold toes and feet can keep anyone from a good night’s sleep! Hudson Baby Unisex Cozy Fleece Booties resolves any chance your little will have this problem. These booties fit sizes 0 to 4T and come in a variety of colors. A Velcro closure makes putting them on and taking them off easy for even toddlers.

6.      When outside in cool weather, we lose most of our heat when our heads aren’t protected. This is especially true for your little one. This Century Star Baby Knit Hat is a classic and will transition from fall to winter to protect your little one in the elements. Choose a color to compliment his fall and winter jackets and you can rest assure he can benefit from being outside and still be warm!

Happy Fall!