How to make the perfect DIY gender reveal box!

How to make the perfect DIY gender reveal box!

Gender reveal parties are a very special moment for expecting parents. Family and friends are often just as anxious as the parents are to find out the news. There is just so much excitement about gender and baby’s names! Those are often the first questions that people ask parents (to-be!)… “Do you know what you are having? Do you have a name picked out yet?”

With so much anticipation and joy building during the first half of the pregnancy, people spend lots of time searching for gender reveal ideas for a party, cakes, games and decorations. There are so many different ways that people choose to share the exciting news with those closest to them. However, sometimes people want to skip the expensive parties and go with a simple, DIY approach.  (Just be sure you’re also running your game here at genderrevelgame too!)

This DIY gender reveal box is a simple, yet BEAUTIFUL way to reveal the BIG news! It also makes for a good photo-op so be sure to have someone taking pictures and video!

Put together with a few items that you can order from Amazon (no mask & no store trip required!) and have shipped straight to your front door.

First you need a box, like this:

Next – add some stickers to add words & jazz to the outside… like these:

And lastly, the balloons and smoke for the big reveal! These will go inside and pop out to announce the gender. *Pro-Tip- Be sure to grab balloons that come with blue AND pink so that you have some to use as party decor AND in your reveal box!

Simply assemble your box, decorate the outside with the stickers, and add your balloons and smoke inside!

If you want to be surprised too, have a trusted friend or family member get the gender from an envelope & add the correct color balloons for you! If you can’t just wait, then have fun with creating your box.

Either way, this box is sure to be a fun way to announce your new addition’s gender!