How to raise $300 for your baby in 3 days

Haven’t announced your baby’s gender yet? Great!

Gender Reveal Game has helped thousands of moms raise money for their babies with the gender reveal announcement. A game could be created in minutes and cash coming raised in moments.

How it works:

The steps to creating your game are:

  1. Simply head over to the site,
  2. Create your game (set your terms and conditions like the time length for the game to run & the minimum bid!)
  3. Share! 

Share with your family, friends, social media family, co-workers, heck share with the whole internet! People LOVE gender reveal parties, and games.

Once the game ends, a winner will be selected. The winner wins a prize (that you choose.) Then, you get all the funds from all the bids!

 If you want, you can still have a gender reveal cake as you announce the winner… because who doesn’t like cake?!?