Say Boo!

Say Boo!

No matter the age, it seems almost everyone enjoys Halloween and the opportunity to dress up as their favorite character! Why should it be any different for revealing your baby’s gender? Play into the season and have a Halloween – or at least a Fall – themed reveal. Spice up the party and ask your guests to come as their favorite character or choose your own spooky themed gender reveal! Here are a few fun ideas to jump start your Halloween themed gender reveal!

1.     Nothing says Halloween more than carved pumpkins, and remember pumpkins don’t always have to be orange. Incorporate your baby colors into the reveal by choosing white pumpkins—real or artificial— that you carve or paint and decorate to create the perfect Halloween gender reveal décor. Want to bring your pumpkins to life? Add some dry ice to your carved pumpkin to wow your guests! You can even include a blue or pink LED light inside the pumpkin to light the smoke up.

2.     These black gender reveal balloons are spooktastic!  They’ll easily incorporate into any Halloween theme. Just add some Halloween ribbon or spider webs to dress them up and give your party a big bang!

3.     Are you a couple that likes to live life a little on the wild side? Why not a paint ‘ball’ reveal!? It’s a little messy but guaranteed to be a fun and memorable moment in your life and those of your guests. What could be more fun than water guns filled with paint colors. You might want to invest in a couple of plastic ponchos before you jump into this outside adventure. Make it Halloween approved with zombie themed paint ball!

4.     Pinatas can easily be DIY’d into gender reveal surprises, and this adorable ghost pinata is a must have for any Halloween themed gender reveal. Simply fill your pinata with colored paper or even blue or pink candies to give your guests a tasty treat (or fill with both colors for a funny trick)!

5.     These Halloween party stickers are too cute to not include at your themed gender reveal party! No matter if your guests are team ‘Boo-y’ or team ‘ghoul’ these are sure to be a party favorite. Let your guests choose a sticker as they arrive to cast their vote before the big reveal.