March Baby: What to Expect

March Baby: What to Expect


March is the month of hope, when yellow daffodils break through the cold soil to wave their arms at us, encouraging us that summer is coming. Many children born in March are super smart, curious, energetic, and restless. Congratulations to those of you expecting a baby in March. Be prepared to move fast and often to keep up with your little one.

1.      March babies have always been considered special, especially by others born in March! When looking forward to your baby’s arrival, perhaps you would like to make his/her nursery unique to them but you are uncertain of the colors. Consider the birthstone for March – the aquamarine, and the flower, the daffodil. Aquamarine or yellow will make an adorable nursery. Get inspired by this fun daffodil art!

2.      We all want our babies to know they are loved, have security, and develop confidence. A wonderful way to begin that pattern is with the thoughts and sayings you put on the walls of their first room. Thoughts about happiness and positivity, sunshine and faith, nature and animals are great beginnings for any little one. As they grow, read those sayings to them to instill positive thinking.

3.      There are so many sayings about March babies that even scientists have ventured projecting some personality traits regarding them. They are likely to climb the corporate ladder; they have good eyesight; they are naturally optimistic; they probably won’t have asthma; but, they’ll also likely to be a night person so don’t expect too much sleep the first year or so.

4.      March babies grow up to be amazingly affectionate but often are shy and reserved at first and sometimes secretive. As their parents, it will be up to you to encourage them to reach out to others and to trust people.  Be aware that sometimes March babies are quick to lose their tempers so you’ll want to read books about raising children who are high spirited. Don’t fear, you are bringing a true little leader into the world. He or she will make sure the world knows they are in it!

5.      Your baby is likely to grow up to be a pilot or a CEO — basically someone who likes to be in charge! You’ll have your hands full but don’t worry, there are a lot of successful people born in March. Your baby shares their birth month with some amazing people including Justin Bieber, Kiera Knightley, Stephen Curry, Lady Gaga, Rupert Murdoch, Vincent Van Gogh, and Albert Einstein among others.