A safe reveal for everyone and everything!

A safe reveal for everyone and everything!

Imagine the fun! The family and friends gathered together. Everyone was so excited to learn whether there would be a new baby girl or a new baby boy added to the family. Everyone laughed, ate, and made educated guesses until that moment when the reveal showed… 

Well, that’s where the fun stopped. 

This past week what should have been one of the most joyous family occasions — a gender reveal —turned into a nightmare as California began burning. 

We get you want your celebration to be memorable. All of us at Gender Game Reveal totally agree with you!  We even understand your desire to do something unique, something grand — over the top.

That being said, we implore you to skip the pyrotechnics and smoke bombs, confetti and glitter, and planes and automobiles. There are very good options available that are safe for everyone attending, the house or outdoor space you’re hosting in, the animals who will be inquisitive after guests leave, and the earth. Here are some ideas for you so you can make a difference in the world around you while you still create something fun and safe!

  1. Consider using our Gender Reveal Game to surprise your family and friends. We are safe! Eco friendly! And FUN! Besides, wouldn’t starting a savings account for the little one be an awesome gift? That’s just one of the choices you have when including your friends and family as you play the Gender Reveal Game!  https://genderrevealgame.com/
  2. Instead of a smoke bomb from a car’s tailpipe, how about a family and pet parade? Everyone, including the dogs and cats, can dress in costume for a fun parade to reveal the new baby on the way! Not only do you use clothing you already have, but the whole family will have an awesome time taking part by wearing their “revealing” clothing!
  3. Instead of purchasing plastic plates and silverware, set your table with the real thing! Use grandma’s dishes and her fine silver. Have a tea party or a buffet with finger sandwiches. Make cucumber sandwiches with pink and blue cream cheese. There are so many ways to safely share the gender of your baby! Your imagination and a little creativity are all you need to safely share your wonderful news!
  4. It’s fall, so another fun idea is pumpkin decorating! Have your guests guess the gender by decorating their pumpkin in appropriate colors. When everyone is finished, have a pumpkin parade and select the best decorated pumpkin to share your big news! Not only are pumpkins safe for our environment, but this is a fun activity for your guests as well as a favor for them to take home! You have saved yourself a lot of money and time by choosing one activity that serves three needs in your gender reveal. 

Are you filled with great ideas and ready to throw a fun filled, eco friendly reveal? We sure hope so! The entire earth thanks you!