10 ideas to involve siblings (and pets) in the gender reveal announcement

10 ideas to involve siblings (and pets) in the gender reveal announcement

Don’t leave your other kids (and fur babies) out of the big gender reveal announcement! Adding a new baby to the family can sometimes feel overwhelming for big brothers and sisters. Why not let them be the co-stars in your reveal?

Here are 10 ideas that are perfect for family gender reveals.

1.      Hire a photographer to take special pictures of you and your kids in their reveal outfits. Try a fun theme that means a lot to your family! Let the kids pass out envelopes to family members when it’s time to tell the world about their new brother or sister. If you are still social distancing, give strict instructions to family members to NOT open their envelope until the designated time.

2.      Has your fur baby been an only child for the past few years? They’d better get used to sharing mama’s cuddles! What’s more perfect than a cute pet and a new baby? Have your dog or cat wear a specially made bandana throughout the party like this one here. Snap some pics and share on your social pages!

3.      A chalkboard sign is one way to involve the kids and the pets! Think up something fun — a baby bunting version of wheel of fortune with a catch phrase would work both in person and online!

4.      Have your children play a riveting game of balloon volleyball (the dog may not be able to resist joining in). When one pops, colored confetti will tell your secret! Here is the perfect balloon to use for the occasion.

5.      Do you have a favorite movie or TV show that you and your family CAN’T get enough of? Themed gender reveals are all the rage. So whether you’re all about Harry Potter, Disney, or Halloween, go wild with a themed family gender reveal!

6.      We had to throw another balloon idea in here! Blow up appropriate colored balloons and tape them up in a big box. Let the kids open the box, free the balloons, and surprise mom and dad with the big reveal!

7.      A powder cannon will put some bang into your gender reveal! You can choose either pink or blue. The kids will be so excited as a smoke of color fills the air!

8.      This next idea is perfect for toddlers! What child doesn’t love to play in paint? Handprints with finger paints are one way to involve your children in the big reveal. Make signs, add in some hearts and x’s and o’s and you have an affordable and sweet way to tell your family and friends you’re having a new baby! (Pro Tip: Use skin-safe paint to have the child place his hands on mom’s belly for an extra special photo opportunity).

9.      Right now, we’re all about staying safe! Try making a custom video with the whole family to reveal your new baby’s gender in a safe way that makes even the most socially-distanced family member feel involved.

10.   Kids love to get messy! This next idea is perfect for both young and old kids! The Pie in the face game is perfect for a gender reveal. Pink or blue tinted yogurt covered by a cloud of white whipped cream — what’s not to love? And it’s safe for the dogs to help clean up after!